We pride ourselves on executing our works for our clients using PYTHA 3D CAD System. We have an industry leading approach, that ensures the data set created is clean, organised, detailed and created using best practice approach. We are at the forefront of the industry with the use and execution of PYTHA, ensuring our team are always on the latest version of the software.

Our priority clients are those that require our assistance with cross-collaboration using PYTHA 3D CAD as our platform. Understanding the process of using this system, we can enter and exit the workflow of your internal team at whatever point you require, to ensure that you have the control where you need it, and have the work taken care of, where you want it.

We execute a full screen to machine service using the PYTHA 3D CAD system, 3D modelling for construction, plotting, revisions, applying machining information, export to optimisation and onward to manufacture. The infrastructure around these processes can also be discussed with our senior consultants; templates, library elements, project set up and advanced system approach.

For all technical service and training of the PYTHA 3D CAD system, visit to find your local Pytha Reseller.